Classic Manicure $15
Removal of old polish, trimming and shaping of nails and cuticles, hand massage with choice of polish.

Silk Manicure $22
Includes Classic Manicure with moisturizing paraffin wax.  Great for people with arthritis and simply because it feels wonderful.

Express Gel Polish $20
 Includes trimming,filing,buffing choice of polish.(exclude cuticle trimming and hand massage)

Manicure Enhancers

Add Gel Polish $15
Add gel polish to your manicure.  No drying time, fading or chipping, and smudge free - the only problem you'll have is choosing which color to use.​

Nail Arts / Designs $5 and Up
Our hand painted nail art is unique and will last much longer than traditional decals.


Pink & White $40
This two-step application allows the smile line to be customized.  It can be as deep, shallow or V shaped as desired.  Includes clear gel top coat.

Color / Pre-Designed Tips $35
With hundreds of color combinations, glitters and designs to choose from, let your imagination and creative side run wild.  Includes clear gel top coat.

Classic White Tips $28
The smile line is already predetermined and cannot be changed.  However, this is a more economical option and still gives the desired French look.  Includes clear gel top coat.

Clear Tips $25
Can be an overly on natural nails.  For those who have the length but need the strength.  Finish with choice of polish, or left unpolished for a natural look.

Back Fill $35
The old product is filed down to reduce thickness before new acrylic is added on top.  This process allows you to change your tip color and make your nails look brand new again.  Includes clear gel top coat.

Regular Fill $18
This is recommended every 2-3 weeks.  Acrylic is only applied to the part of the nail that has grown out.

Acrylics Enhancements

Add Gel Polish $15
No drying time, fading or chipping, and smudge free.  Only applies to clear full sets.

Nail Art / Designs $5 and Up
With the popularity of nail designs on Pinterest and YouTube, going from something as simple as a daisy design to more sophisticated designs are all possible.


Classic Pedicure $25
Includes trimming and shaping of nail and cuticle, callus scrub, leg and foot massage.  Finish with hot towel and choice of polish.

Lavish Pedicure $35
Enjoy all the benefits of our Classic Pedicure and more.  Relieve tired legs and feet with an aromatic foot soak and exfoliating sugar scrub, gently buffering away dead skin  Cooling mask is then applied to leg area and wrapped in hot towels to restore shine and moisture.

Signature NailCrush Pedicure $45
For the ultimate pedicure experience, indulge your feet in warm paraffin wax.  Helps soothe arthritis pain and heals dry and damaged skin, penetrating deeper than any lotion or cream alone, leaving your feet moisturized and soft.  Smooth warm stones are then massaged onto calves relieving tension and aches.

Princess Pedicure $20
It's never too young to be pampered!  For ages 8 and under.  Includes Classic Pedicure, plus hand polish (excludes cuticle trimming).

Pedicure Enhancers

Gel Polish $15
A special polish, designed to last up to 2 weeks of wear on natural nails.

Extended Leg & Feet Massage $15-25
Whether you just got done running a marathon or you're training for one... Do we really need an excuse?

Nail Art / Designs $5 and Up
Our hand painted nail art is unique and will last much longer than traditional decals.

Additional Services

Toe Nails Trim $10
Includes cut down, file, buff.

Feet Polish $12
Cut down, file (if needed) buff and choice of polish.

Hand Polish $10
Cut down, file (if needed) buff and choice of polish.

Acrylic Removal $10
Manual or submerged in acetone as requested.

Acrylic Repairs $3 and Up
Rest assured that our acrylic set comes with a 7 day guarantee.  However, if the original set was not done by NailCrush, repairs will be charged.

Vinylux $3 / OPI Infinite Shine $5
Also known as the weekly polish.  This new technology is the right mixture between gel and regular polish.

Upgrades 10 and Up

Gel Polish Cat Eye $10 Chrome $15 Holographic $15 Fairy Dust $15

Authentic "Swarovski" Crystals 

Can be added to your mani/pedi with custom one of kind design (ask for price)

Gel Polish/ Shellac/ Soak off Gel Polish

$15 add on gel only applies as an add on service (combo) otherwise regular price $20

Specialized Shape 

Almond/Stiletto/Coffin Etc $7 



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